Micro-Trains 001 30 003 - Locomotive Coupler Conversion Kit - ( 1049 )

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N Scale Package includes one front and one rear coupler. this conversion fits: ARNOLD-RAPIDO/REVELL/RIVAROSSI: FA-1, FA-2, FP-9A, FP-9B, GP-7, GP-9, GP-30, S2, GG-1, old time combine, streamlined passenger cars, bi-level cars and 2-8-2 Mikado tender only. ATLAS: E-7A, F-9A, GP-9, GP-30, FRONT RUNNER, PLYMOUTH DAVENPORT, and 0-6-0. BACHMANN: 4-4-0 American tender only. CON-COR: ‘C’ LINER, RDC, U50, and GAS TURBINE (w/o ten­der). MINITRIX/MARKLIN: FM H-12-44, U28C, U30C and American steel caboose. MODEL POWER: ALCO C-420, F40 PH, GP-40, RSD-4/5, and RSD-15. RIVAROSSI: passenger and freight cars w/metal clip. RSO ATEST: GP-40.