Club Box

Let us reduce your Local and International shipping costs.

The Club Box is a service that we offer to individual customers, family members, friends and members of clubs or organisations to save on shipping charges both locally and internationally. This service allows products to be accumulated with us over a period of time before being shipped.  

This is convenient if you have a product reserved for later release but intend to purchase other products that are presently available.

How It Works 

Customers can order products directly from our website but choose the "In store pick-up" option when checking out. We will then pick the products you purchased and place it in the club box with the relevant packing slip.

As we deal directly with Walthers, we can order any product from the website and have the products shipped to us. This service is not limited to N Scale and we will gladly order products in other scales as long as they are available on the Walthers website.

All of the products accumulated in the club box will be packed and shipped when instructed by you the customer. There will be a $5.00 US Dollar handling and packaging fee when the products are wrapped for shipping. 

Please contact us using the contact page on this website should you have any futher queries with regards to this service. 

The N Scale Wherehouse Team.