ESU 59820 - LokPilot 5 DCC Micro 8 Pin Decoder

ESU 59820 - LokPilot 5 DCC Micro 8 Pin Decoder

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The LokPilot 5 micro is the smallest digital decoder from ESU to date. Thanks to the use of subminiature components, 8-layer printed circuit boards and the latest manufacturing technology, it is so small with only 8.0mm x 7.0mm and a thickness of only 2.4mm (on the capacitor: 2.9mm) that it can be used even in very small locomotives Nominal sizes Z, N or TT can accommodate. Nevertheless, functionality and robustness were not spared compared to the larger versions.

LokPilot 5 micro decoders are offered with all common interfaces. The versions with Next18 or PluX16 interface are a bit larger with a base area of ??13.0mm x 9.2mm, but they also speak for the mfx-compatible M4 protocol.

Decoder Specifications:
Size: 8.0 mm x 7.0 mm x 2.4 mm (0.32 in x 0.28 in x 0.10 in)
Connection: NEM652 8-pin Wired Plug
Motor Rating: 0.75A Continuous
BEMF: Motor control with 50 kHz clock frequency
Functions: 4 amplified outputs for special functions, 2 Logic-level outputs (total: Up to 6 outputs)
Protocol: DCC with RailComPlus

Additional Features:
Updatable with ESU-LokProgrammer
Two-stage heavy load simulation
3 new, individually adjustable brake controllers
Connection interface for RC servos and SUSI modules
Optional optional PowerPack storage capacitor connections