TT-N-1 - N Scale Single T-Trak Module Kit

TT-N-1 - N Scale Single T-Trak Module Kit

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Manufactured by N Scale Wherehouse. The N Scale single T-Trak module kit is the first product in the T-Trak line that we will be offering. Made from high quality 5mm plywood the kit comprises of :- 

  • 1 x Top
  • 2 x Sides
  • 1 x Front
  • 1 x Rear
  • 1 x Centre Rib
  • 4 x Corner gussets ( including nuts ) 
  • 4 x 1/4" x 2 inch set screws

The only materials required to assemble these kits are Carpenters Wood Glue and Blue painters tape. 

The set screws for height adjustment will suit a 3mm / 1/8" allen screw wrench.  

Dimensions are 308mm wide, 14 inches deep and 70mm high. 

Track is not included.