Micro-Trains 001 02 050 - Coupler Conversion Kit - Underslung Body Mount Coupler

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N Scale Package includes one front and one rear coupler. This conversion fits: Atlas: RSD 4/5 Locomotives. This kit replaces the original couplers that assembled (lid down) with the new RDA (reverse draft angle) 001 02 000 body mount couplers (assembled lid up) and pilots for greater pulling capacity. Both couplers mount at .279” (7.0mm) above rail top. Read instructions through once before you begin and study figures to familiarize yourself with the name of each part. Front and Rear Conversion: This conversion requires the use of a #62 (.038” or .96mm) tap drill, a #56 (.046” or 1.2mm diameter) clearance drill, and a 00-90 tap. These tools are available in Micro-Trains® Tap and Drill Set.