Kato 106-0023 - ES44AC Gevo and Mixed Freight Starter Set - Union Pacific

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The ES (Evolution Series) of locomotives are built by GE Transportation Systems and designed to meet the US EPA's Tier 2 locomotive emissions standards that took effect in 2005. These Evolution Series locomotives are equipped with AC traction motors and are powered by a newly designed "GEVO-12" 12 cylinder engine that produces the same power as the 16 cylinder AC4400CW, but with fewer emissions and greater fuel economy. It also carries a redesigned air-to-air dual-fan heat exchanger, which gives it its distinct "oversized" radiator; a common spotting feature for these new locomotives.

6-Car freight assortment with 2 x Hoppers, 2 x Gondolas, and 2 x Tank Cars.

This set includes:
(1) ES44AC Gevo Diesel Locomotive
(1) Mixed Freight Train Set with 6 Cars
Approximately 3'x4' Oval of Track consisting of:
-(4) Kato 248mm 9-3/4" Track
-(1) Kato 124mm 4-7/8" Track
-(1) Kato 124mm 4-7/8" Road Crossing/Rerailer Track
-(1) Kato 62 mm 2-7/16" Straight Track
-(1) Kato 62 mm 2-7/16" Straight Feeder Track
-(8) Kato 315mm 12-3/8" 45 Degree Radius Curved Track
(1) Kato Crossing accessories
(1) Kato Power Pack
(1) Kato Rerailer/Uni-Joiner Remover